Oznaka energy transition

Master of the sun, the wind and the rivers: Green energy of Edhem Bičakčić

By using political connections, as well as the authority of one of the key positions within the Islamic community, Edhem Bičakčić has positioned himself as the key factor in the development of BiH energy industry. Unfortunately, the benefits of his actions in this sector were felt exclusively by the investors and private companies, irrevocably destroying all the natural resources of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A multi-million dollar project without a future: Block 7 slowed down the energy transition process of EP BiH

The construction project of Thermoblock 7 has been pending for 17 years. Persistent insistence on the construction of Thermoblock 7 Tuzla through a credit arrangement with Chinese financiers has not only slowed down the processes of energy transition, but also threatened the monopolistic position of Elektroprivreda BiH, the largest state-owned energy company.