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Companies Close to the Mayor of Istočno Sarajevo Ljubiša Ćosić are Building a Park within the “Srbija” Hospital Compound – Medical Staff Leaving

Following the departure of two doctors and six medical workers and technicians from the “Srbija” hospital, the Trade Union of Medical Nurses and Technicians of Republika Srpska appealed for “urgent action to prevent further outflow of qualified medical staff”. However, the relevant ministry has no solution, while the City of Istočno Sarajevo is borrowing money to build a Park of Serbian Healthcare Giants within the hospital compound. Over half a million for the mayor’s friends.

The Municipality of Istočni Stari Grad Donates Land Worth Three Million BAM to “Jahorina” Olympic Centre

The significantly underdeveloped Municipality of Istočni Stari Grad has donated nearly 70 dunums of land worth three million BAM to the “Jahorina” Olympic Centre for the construction of “the largest toboggan run in the Balkans”. They will allow the clearing of first and second-class forests and provide an additional million BAM from the citizens of this municipality to “support” the construction of the toboggan run. This move continues the sale of Trebević Mountain towards its eventual destruction, with entities, municipalities, and various political factions collaborating effectively in this effort. As for the citizens, they are left without even clean air.

Center for Advanced Technologies of Canton Sarajevo: From a mural to a drone

This year, the Center’s budget stands at 4.7 million KM, yet the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo has not reviewed the reports for the past three years. Why did they request exemption from reporting? Moreover, how did the Center transition from being a scientific institution to manufacturing drones, despite the Court’s decision? What are the founders’ opinions? 

Is “Ekvator” planning a new scam involving apartments?

The owner of the company “Ekvator”, Đorđe Đoko Davidović, has made an unusual proposal to buyers of hundreds of apartments from whom he received payment but never completed the construction. Specifically, he has drafted an agreement allowing buyers to finish the work in the apartments themselves at their own expense, despite it being his obligation. In return, he requests that they waive their right to any compensation and withdraw all lawsuits against him.

Unequal Treatment of Trebinje Pensioners

For years, there has been a disproportionate allocation of funds from the City of Trebinje's budget to two pensioner associations. The official Association of Pensioners (UP) of the City of Trebinje will receive 12,000 KM from the city budget for this year, through three projects.