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New Rigged Job Competition in Education?!

Photo: Info veza  It’s no news that job competitions are being manipulated in Republika Srpska, but it’s especially painful when it happens in the field of education. The case of Sanja Đukić is particularly distressing, given that Sanja spent more…

Master of the sun, the wind and the rivers: Green energy of Edhem Bičakčić

By using political connections, as well as the authority of one of the key positions within the Islamic community, Edhem Bičakčić has positioned himself as the key factor in the development of BiH energy industry. Unfortunately, the benefits of his actions in this sector were felt exclusively by the investors and private companies, irrevocably destroying all the natural resources of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

New competition at the school in Bileća: Incorrect calculations, additional points, and the “best” candidat

Just as the director of the Golub Kureš High School Center in Bileća, Zdravka Milićević, appointed her daughter as a probationary pedagogue, a new competition at this school has raised questions again about the regularity of employment. After a disqualified candidate pointed out incorrect scoring, thus placing her at the top of the ranking list, the Commission, however, "discovered" new points for the desired candidate. This made him the "best" candidate again, and he was allowed to get a temporary job. The entire procedure will be investigated by the republican inspection.

Municipality Pale donates land to the Olympic Center Jahorina, which earns millions through parking fees at these locations

For the Olympic Center “Jahorina”, every season is the best in history, yet they are still in financial trouble. At the same time, the municipality of Pale favours OC Jahorina with almost every decision, to the detriment of its own budget and the citizens of Pale. Recently, they have once again granted 25 locations on Jahorina for parking space to the Olympic Center, from which it will earn much more than what returns to the municipality’s budget. The subservient relationship of the municipal authorities to the chairman of the supervisory board, Nedeljko Elek, and the director of OC Jahorina, Dejan Ljevnajić, who is building a villa at the foot of Jahorina, seems to have no end.

Trebinje Lawyers Manipulate Both Law and Courts

Several dozen landowners in the Trebinje area have lost their plots in legal proceedings initiated by two local lawyers. They filed lawsuits and proposed each other as legal representatives for those residing outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. They then claimed that they couldn’t locate these clients, using this as a way for their clients to acquire ownership based on possession, that is, land usage over an extended period.

Chief for all policies: How Irfan Čengić Secured Victory in Elections in Advance and What He Promised in Barice

According to Valter from several well-known editorial sources, one of them from within the SDP itself, Čengić's closeness to Ajdin Brković, the owner of "MonteizeAD," a company for telephone sales of teas, has been confirmed. All our sources indicate that Brković sponsored Čengić with a substantial amount of money. In return, Brković was promised a large piece of land in Barice for the construction of a hotel complex, which is a private interest, leaving Sarajevans without their recreational area

Miltex Procurement of Uniforms Faces No Competition

In just two years, the Banja Luka-based company "Miltex" has secured 30 contracts for the procurement of firefighting or work uniforms from municipalities, cities, and public institutions in Republika Srpska. A significant portion of these contracts were obtained through direct agreements, while in almost all other cases, the company was the sole bidder in open procedures or competitive requests for public procurement.

All of our blocks: Who will answer for millions of losses of Elektroprivreda BiH?

The unclear development strategy of Elektroprivreda BiH, a series of corruption scandals and the absence of political courage in the context of the Block 7 construction, a generational project crucial for the stability of the electricity supply to the citizens of FBiH, are all the factors that called into question the market position of this state-owned enterprise, which today, according to estimates, has a loss of over 80 million convertible marks.