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Following our text about the Memorial complex the city mayor Ljubiša Ćosić held a press conference, he neither denied anything nor answered our questions

After we have published the text on non-transparent spending of budget funds, conflict of interest and good cooperation between the authorities and a private company during the construction of the Memorial complex to the fallen Serb civilians, the mayor of the City of Istočno Sarajevo, Ljubiša Ćosić, held a press conference where he spoke about the importance of building monuments and the culture of remembrance without denying a single fact from our text.

While the City of Istočno Sarajevo, the Veterans’ Organization INS and the company “UNIOTEC” cooperate well, there is still no memorial complex for the fallen Serb civilians

How the authorities in the City of Istočno Sarajevo treat the fallen Serb civilians is best shown by the fact that the deadline for the completion of the memorial complex was missed, and the City, in order to eliminate the competition, transferred the money to the Municipal Veterans’ Organization, which chose a company close to the authorities as the contractor. The works are supervised by the brother of the president of the veterans’ organization. Nobody cares about whether the construction of the memorial complex will destroy the park.

Escape of Ivica Mišković –a consequence of inappropriate action by the Court police’s management

Escape of Ivica Mišković, convicted of pedophilia, from the Basic Court’s building in Banjaluka was made possible with the improper actions of the managers of the Judicial Police and responsible persons in the judiciary. The information and documents in our possession clearly indicate who is responsible for this event, while the blame is unjustifiably being placed on the three court police officers against whom disciplinary proceedings have been initiated.

While oncology patients are waiting for a treatment device, there is unlawful and excessive employment at the University Clinical Center Tuzla

“Some of the employees at the University Clinical Center (UCC) Tuzla are responsible for misconduct in public office and violation of the patients’ right to treatment. We, as a non-government organization, have filed a criminal complaint to the prosecutor’s office against unknown persons for misconduct in public office,” said Selman

MASSIVE TIMBER POACHING IN PRIVATE FORESTS: Croat returnees in Kotor Varoš suffered loss of hundreds of thousands of marks, poachers in cahoots with the local police

The response of the Police administration of Banja Luka to Valter states that, while acting upon a report made by the forest owners, the police officers did not discover timber poachers at the location. It only reinforces suspicion raised by Podbrđe residents - that local policemen are in cahoots with the poachers and they are alerting them of any police action. Although two years have passed since the report was filed with the Prosecutor’s Office in Banjaluka, the case is still “in progress”