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The Commission interpreted: Ranko Bošnjak is not in a conflict of interest, and he advised the journalist from Direkt not to press the issue.

The Republic Commission for Determining Conflict of Interest in the Authorities of Republika Srpska issued a decision stating that Ranko Bošnjak is not in a conflict of interest, despite being both a city council member and the director of the company "Monting energetika", which conducted business with the City of Trebinje valued at more than 30,000 marks.

Turmoil in the UIO: Zoran Tegeltija granted VIP status, appoints best man as chief operative exploiting state customs

In practice, this is what it looks like: when Tegeltija travels, two police officers accompany him in an official vehicle with paid accommodation, per diems, and fuel covered by public funds. If he decides to relax by the sea, the escort joins him everywhere – on the beach, in restaurants, and their accommodation is also covered. All at the expense of public funds.

Anti-corruption campaigners are taking tenders down for the compensation

Public procurement sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina has caught on overproduction of appeals that have been filed by professional appellants. The problem is taking on the shape of a pandemic, so experts are proposing urgent changes to the law, while the authorities are reporting a number of lawyers to the prosecutor’s office.

Following a multimillion job from the Mostar University “Promark” had to get another worth 730 thousands marks

University in Mostar awarded yet another job to Mostar’s “Promark”, this time worth BAM 729.977 without VAT. The award of the contract refers to works on the reconstruction and extension of the SUMIT building in Rodoč, which was already awarded to the aforementioned company. Back in 2021, as a consortium they led, they got a job worth over 4 million marks without VAT.

Take a look at the solar farms, which become known to the locals only when they see excavators around their houses

In recent years solar farms have taken over the primacy of what the immortelle should have been, but unlike the immortelle, the procedures for obtaining permits and approvals are reserved for tycoons and potentates whose process around solar power plants is shrouded in secrecy, and this is further supported by the fact that not even the locals know what will be above and around their houses until they see the excavators leveling the land.

Councilor Aleksandar Bodiroga – civil engineer in the world of marketing

“Xplode media”, a company associated with the SNSD councilor in the Assembly of Trebinje, Aleksandar Bodiroga, got a job from Elektroprivreda Republika Srpska to advertise the company at sports, cultural, humanitarian and other manifestations and events. The total value of the framework agreement for six months is about BAM 790.000 without VAT, or about BAM 920.000 with VAT.

Pro-Russian propaganda from “Andrićgrad” financed by public funds

A portion of tens of millions marks of public funds that have poured into the accounts of "Andrićgrad" in previous years is being use for the open pro-Russian propaganda. “Iskra” portal, whose impressum reads that it is the electronic newspaper of "Andrićgrad", contains nothing on tourism, which should be the main activity of this complex.

Discrimination that doesn’t hurt: Judges and prosecutors raise high salaries with lawsuits

Judges and prosecutors from Republika Srpska are suing this entity for discrimination and are increasing their incomes by five to six thousand marks a year in the courts. The reason is that their monthly salary, which ranges between BAM 2.704 and BAM 4.977 net, does not include a meal allowance by law. Unlike them, other workers in the judiciary, whose salary is around BAM 1.070 per month, do not have this option, because their meal allowance is already included in the mentioned amount.