Oznaka public procurements

They spend hundreds of millions of marks through Annex II monthly

Provision of services worth more than BAM 428 million was sought through Annex II of the BiH Public Procurement Law in just one month of the last year, and the most money is spent on the health care. The rest was used for the procurement of catering and administrative services and the organization of seminars, concerts or for various media productions, and practice has shown that these millions are, at best, spent with weak supervision by the authorities.

Miltex Procurement of Uniforms Faces No Competition

In just two years, the Banja Luka-based company "Miltex" has secured 30 contracts for the procurement of firefighting or work uniforms from municipalities, cities, and public institutions in Republika Srpska. A significant portion of these contracts were obtained through direct agreements, while in almost all other cases, the company was the sole bidder in open procedures or competitive requests for public procurement.

“Niskogradnja – Marjanović” absolute monopolist of Prijedor’s procurements

Among the numerous contracts awarded to “Niskogradnja-Marjanović” through tenders in Prijedor, the construction of the City Stadium is particularly controversial. It took more than a year for the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina to take over the facility. Marjanović had previously obtained a contract for the exploitation of non-metals in the “Ljubija” Iron Ore Mine.

Veselin Dutina made and canceled the contract with his brother’s company

The director of the Agrarian Fund of Trebinje, Veselin Dutina, entered into a direct agreement for the purchase of office furniture with the company owned by his brother, Nikola Dutina. The value of the contract is around 5,600 marks without VAT. The interlocutors of "Direkt", which deal with research in the field of public procurement, agree - the law has been broken. The Agrarian Fund cancelled the contract after the information that it had entered into it was leaked to the public.