Oznaka thermoblock 7

All of our blocks: Who will answer for millions of losses of Elektroprivreda BiH?

The unclear development strategy of Elektroprivreda BiH, a series of corruption scandals and the absence of political courage in the context of the Block 7 construction, a generational project crucial for the stability of the electricity supply to the citizens of FBiH, are all the factors that called into question the market position of this state-owned enterprise, which today, according to estimates, has a loss of over 80 million convertible marks.

From the SDP to Block 7: New Government Leadership of the FBiH Without Answers to Questions About the Largest Chinese Project in FBiH

The construction project of Block 7 has been on hold for 17 years, during which only preparatory work has been carried out at the planned site. This investment has cost the citizens 233 million KM so far, and the new Government of FBiH and the relevant ministry have no answer to whether this project will continue. It remains to be seen whether the SDP Minister of Energy, Mining, and Industry shares the views on dealing with the Chinese, like his party colleague Grabovica, under whose tenure EP BiH signed a cooperation agreement.

A multi-million dollar project without a future: Block 7 slowed down the energy transition process of EP BiH

The construction project of Thermoblock 7 has been pending for 17 years. Persistent insistence on the construction of Thermoblock 7 Tuzla through a credit arrangement with Chinese financiers has not only slowed down the processes of energy transition, but also threatened the monopolistic position of Elektroprivreda BiH, the largest state-owned energy company.